Our working method

Our working method

For many years, following the analysis of requirements and after extensive consultation with users, we have been designing concepts for the automation of business workflows and implementing them in software solutions. Through our many years of experience, we ensure that the idea leads to success from its creation to the use of the product. The focus is always on the efficiency for the user. We have already brought STP (Straight Through Processing) into the processes before this has become a common term. In this way, we have enabled medium-sized to smaller business users in particular to handle demanding tasks with moderate manpower.

In the meantime, we have specialized in the development and maintenance of standard software with high demands on individual customization.

The new business requirements combined with new technologies have motivated us to further model our software structures on more powerful levels of abstraction, making them even more effective. As a consequence, we develop our framework, which ranges from the technical basis to business standards. We can build functional modules based on this as building blocks and deploy them independently of the platform.

We work according to strict internal guidelines for development, project documentation and test methods, supported by automated standard procedures, which we have largely developed for ourselves and are constantly developing further. We work in a networked manner, which makes our solutions very robust. Our development achieves great efficiency by reusing more and more building blocks of our toolbox.

Software structure of B&N for automation of work processes and provision of information.

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