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B&N Software Company

B&N Software GmbH is an independent software house. We develop and support innovative software solutions for financial institutions in the areas of SEPA, SWIFT and T2RTGS payment transactions, sanctions screening and transfer of funds checking, liquidity checking and controlling as well as German Regulatory Reporting.

Our customers are branches of foreign banks with mainly internationally active business customers.

Our applications execute time-critical processes for banks.

B&N Software Company
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Our working method

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We are an agile team with many years of experience in developing and supporting back-office solutions in the banking sector.

With our modular system of standardized and individual software modules, we provide our customers with the tools they need on the market in their individual business area.

Our tools are compact, although very versatile, and easy to handle for users.

With the high level of automation, a few users can monitor a large area.

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Recently, a new phase for EUR Gross Settlement payments and international payments has begun with the introduction of ISO formats.

B&N Software is on the home stretch with the development of a back-office software solution for this and will soon be able to leave MT formats behind completely.

Our software for SWIFT and T2RTGS payments is working on the basis of ISO formats from March 2023, for importing and exporting payment messages, for user interface and for storing in the database.

We import MT formats and transform them into ISO formats, and you as a user see the data only in the structure of ISO formats.

The ISO 20022 formats are very voluminous. All incoming data must be checked. Then, if necessary, a payment order must be forwarded and it must be booked. This is done automatically. Of course, the data can also be modified manually if necessary.

We make it as convenient as possible for users to handle such a payment transaction for reworking or subsequent research with an attractive and flexibly adjustable GUI.

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Our software solutions

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for payment transactions


SEPA-, SWIFT- and T2RTGS-payment transactions

for processing all payment transactions, mainly for the commercial sector.


Sanctions screening and transfer of funds checking

before executing a payment:

Only verified and accepted payment transactions are executed.


Liquidity checking and controlling

before executing a payment:

Only payments covered with balance or account line will be executed, otherwise they wait until timely coverage arrives.

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for the reporting system


German Regulatory Reporting

Central database focused on the reports, stored over a period of time, as a pool for the production of all required reports according to the standard procedure, for independent banks and branches of banks.

Benefits for the User

Expedient and safe work is achieved in particular by these properties:

  • uniformly structured user interface
  • terms used uniformly throughout
  • intuitive understandable navigation to quickly reach further data from the same context
  • attach notes for internal communications
  • well arranged despite complexity of functions
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Our service

Our services for the entire life cycle of the software

Software development

Our solutions are primarily determined by external specifications.

To realize this, we develop concepts for data structures, workflows and user interfaces.

Our solutions fully reflect the external conditions with a continuous data structure.

We follow the further development of external procedures and constantly adapt our software so that it is always of one piece, down to the last detail for the current status.

The functionality of the software is described in detail and always up-to-date in a generally understandable manner in the documentation that we deliver with the software.


We provide implementation support and training for the use of our software.

We support our customers in the parameterization of their application, especially in the area of control by rules.

We contractually provide maintenance of our software during the business hours of our customers, as well as beyond that by agreement.

Via remote access, we analyze unusual behavior on request, determine the cause, provide remedial action and make recommendations.

Upon agreement, we also perform the installation of new software releases at the customer's site.

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Our Team

We are a well-established team with broad overlapping skills and specializations in our areas of expertise, both in information technology and business management. All team members hold STEM degrees.

We speak the customers' professional language, which they highly appreciate. All of them carry out new development, software implementation and maintenance in equal measure and thus receive feedback from the practical application.


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